Advanced technology in lawnmowers

Advanced Technology in Lawnmowers for Noise-Free Functioning

The usefulness of lawnmowers is unquantifiable where our yards and lawns are concerned. The garden tool plays a vital role in helping us keep our lot neat and tidy.

In extension, they help us offer the best first impression on visitors as our lawn is the first thing they see when approaching our homes.

However, lawnmowers pose a few concerns, especially in the area of noise production. There is no denying that these machines can be irritatingly noisy sometimes. No one enjoys waking up to the loud buzzing sound of a mower on any morning.

As most people prefer to wake up early to mow their grass, this is a huge problem. Even in the evenings, the mower can still constitute a great nuisance to neighbors.

This is why manufacturers are embracing the notion of reducing the noise produced by the engines of this garden tool. According to Gardengrower you can see the best petrol lawnmower UK reviews.

Dangers Associated With Exposure to High Decibels

Having researched and made pertinent findings, The National Institute for Deafness and Other Communication Disorders have come out to give their opinion concerning exposure to high decibels. According to them, consistent exposure to noise levels that are over 85 decibels can result in a gradual process of hearing loss.

Now, note that a lawnmower with average power releases up to 90 decibels of sound intensity alongside a chainsaw of about 110 decibels. Reducing this noise intensity involves adjusting and tweaking the mechanical noise. This means that you have to control the noise produced by such components in the machine as the exhaust, and cutting blades.

However, the challenging thing about scaling down the noise production of a lawnmower is doing it without also reducing the performance level of the machine. People use their lawn often, especially those who cherish a lawn that is always well-groomed.

As such, it also means that people are consistently exposed to the high sound decibels that these machines produce and are therefore susceptible to ear defects.

Therefore, a better alternative is the reel mower. They are known to be on the quiet side. In addition to this, they don’t require gas to function. Aside from this, advanced technology is being utilized to offer mowing machines that do not produce so much noise.

Contributions of Advanced Technology to Reducing Lawn Mowers Sounds Levels

Especially in areas that are richly populated, the loud noise of a lawnmower is always an issue. One way to avoid this is to bring down the noise produced by the engine.

For this reason, Briggs & Stratton Corp, a lawnmower that has recently been introduced comes with advanced technological features that help to reduce the noise level of the lawnmower by 65%.

This is a remarkable improvement when compared to the gas-powered mowers that most people own.

Snowthrowers and riding mowers have also been improved with this advanced technology. These mower models, therefore, offer lower noise volume and the manufacturers boast that one can talk and be heard when using the garden tool.

Scaling Down Blade Noise

The most noise produced by a lawnmower emanates from its cutting blade and engine. Though a lot of things like maintenance contribute to the quietness or loudness of a lawnmower, very little attention has been given to reducing the noise level of the device by tackling the sound emanating from the blades.

The UAB is making remarkable efforts to create a blade that is so advanced and effective such that it will cut grass efficiently without producing as much noise as the regular blades. They have borrowed from the streamlining qualities present in nature to construct this blade.

Because of its biometric design, this blade can raise the grass while it cut and as such uses as little friction as possible. This is what also results in reduced noise production from the blade.

The Protection of the Environment Operations (Noise Control) Regulation 2008, have stated certain periods when domestic activities like mowing and operating other noisy equipment are not likely to cause disturbance to neighbors.

Noncompliance to this time frame attracts a fine of about $200 for residences and $400 for businesses. However, this only applies after being warned by the police or an EPA officer.


The hassles that come with using loud, noisy lawnmowers can be frustrating and exasperating. However, you can be of good cheer because more and more solutions to this problem are being introduced. In no time, you’ll be free to use your lawnmower any day, any time.

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